Apple Mac Data Recovery

I.Tech Computers will set your busines up and running as quickly as possible.

Your unaccessable data device will be recovered by our trained and experienced
Data Recovery Engineers and help you get your business running in the most
time efficient way possible.

Using a mixture of hardware data recovery solutions and software data recovery
solutions, I.Tech Computers perform a thorough scan of the hard drive which
enables the engineers to find the lost disk structure and recreate lost partitions
and recreate accurate disk geometry.

I.Tech Computers have experience in recovering data from the following Apple Mac computers:

Performas Power Macintosh PowerBooks 68000 Macs Quadra/Centris
Performa 200
Performa 400
Performa 405
Performa 410
Performa 430
Performa 450
Performa 460
Performa 466
Performa 467
Performa 475
Performa 476
Performa 550
Performa 560
Performa 575
Performa 577
Performa 578
Performa 580
Performa 600
Performa 630
Performa 631
Performa 635
Performa 636
Performa 637
Performa 638
Performa 640
Performa 5200
Performa 5215
Performa 5300
Performa 6110
Performa 6112
Performa 6115
Performa 6116
Performa 6117
Performa 6118
Performa 6200
Performa 6205
Performa 6214
Power Mac 5200
Power Mac 5300
Power Mac 6100
Power Mac 6200
Power Mac 7100
Power Mac 7200
Power Mac 7500
Power Mac 8100
Power Mac 8500
Power Mac 9500
PowerBook 145
PowerBook 150
PowerBook 160
PowerBook 165
PowerBook 180
PowerBook 190
PowerBook Duo 210
PowerBook Duo 230
PowerBook Duo 250
PowerBook Duo 270
PowerBook Duo 280
PowerBook 520
PowerBook 540
PowerBook Duo 2300
PowerBook 5300
Macintosh Color Classic
Macintosh IIvx
Macintosh LC III
Macintosh LC III+ (33MHz)
Macintosh LC 475
Macintosh LC 520
Macintosh LC 550
Macintosh LC 575
Macintosh LC 580
Macintosh LC 630
Quadra 605
Centris/Quadra 610
Quadra 630
Centris/Quadra 650
Centris/Quadra 660
Quadra 800
Quadra 840
Quadra 950

I.Tech Computers have experienced several Apple Mac Data Recovery situations, which include the following:

Apple Data Recovery Situations
A removable cartridge does not mount on the desktop.
Accidental deletion of data
Accidental deletions
Accidental reformatting of partitions
Accidentally deleted records
Accidentally overwritten database files
Actuator Failure
Applications that are unable to run or load data
Applications that is unable to run or load data
Back up Failures
Bad file name
Bad master directory block
Bad master directory block
Bad sectors
Cannot access <drive> because a disk error occurred.
Computer virus and worm damage
Computer Worm damage
Controller Failure
Controller Malfunction
Corrupt files/data
Corrupted data
Corrupted database files
Corrupted RAID
Damage from Lightning, Floods, and Fires
Damaged files or folders
Damaged Motor
Data corrupted
Deleted tables
Directory Corruption
Directory not found
Drive not installed
Employee Sabotage or Deletions
Error message "-127 error disk could not used/found" appears.
Error message "The Disk is damaged do you want to initialize?" appears.
Fire or water damage
Firmware corruption
Hard disk component failure and crashes
Hard disk drive component failure
Hard drive crashes
Hard drive failure
Head Crash
Human Error
Impact damage
Inaccessible drives and partitions
Inaccessible drives or partitions
Internal file system error
The drive is not recognized
The drive will not mount
Locked databases preventing access
Lost/Forgotten Password
Mechanical Failure
Media Damage
Media surface contamination and damage
Missing Partitions
Natural disaster
No such volume
Not a Macintosh disk
Not an HFS volume
Partition corruption
Partition magic problems
Partition problems
Power Spike
Power Supply Burn out or failure.
R/W requested for an off-line drive
Sad Mac
Sad Mac icon appears
Segment Loader Error
Strange clicking noises
Surface contamination and damage
The disk cannot be accessed because a disk error occurred
The Sad Mac icon appears during start up.
This disk is unreadable by this computer. Do you want to initialize the disk?
Unable to recognize backup files
Unable to run or load data
Unbootable System
User Error
Vibration damage
Virus attack
Virus attacks
Virus Corruptions and Deletions
Virus Infection
Water damaged tapes
Water, coffee and other liquid damage
Will not boot
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