Microdrive Data Recovery

Microdrive Data Recovery
I.Tech Computers are able to recover all data from all varieties of IBM/Hitachi Microdrives. As the Microdrive is not a solid state device, they can be suseptable to mechanical failure after prolonged usage. Using our clean facilities, we are able to restore and backup the data.

The Microdrive breaks traditional capacity barriers for handheld electronic devices. Current Microdrive capacities include 4GB, 2GB, 1GB, 500 MB and 340 MB. The 4GB lets you carry a whole continent of maps or 1,000 songs in your pocket.

A Microdrive is a 1inch disk drive that is compact, light and designed for portable computing solutions. Microdrives are mainly used by following industries:

  • Digital Photographers
  • Handheld Personal Computing, (Palm, iPaq, Psion, Clie etc)
  • Digital Audio
  • Portable Computing PCMCIA and CF+ cards are interchangeable.

Microdrives are basically smaller versions of hard disk drives, and as such can fail in the same ways that a standard hard disk drive can. More information on Microdrives can be found here.

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