NAS SAN Servers Data Recovery

Network Attached Systems (NAS) enable users to store and share data over a local area network (LAN). With NAS, additional storage capacity can be easily provided to organizations of any size by simply attaching NAS systems to an existing LAN.

Storage Area Network (SAN) which is a high–speed dedicated network that connects data storage devices with the respective data servers.

The amount of information stored on magnetic media is doubling every year, and managing storage in general purpose servers is getting more expensive and complex. NAS server is preferred implementation serving files, because it is easier to implement and manage, and it provides much better I/O performance over general–purpose servers.

The data stored on NAS and SAN server systems in today's computerized network environment is nothing but falling short of making data storage more critical. Many businesses solely depend on these servers to keep their businesses running smoothly. When one of these servers fails, it can lead to significant hourly financial loss, and in extreme cases can even lead to complete business failure.

Most common causes of data loss in NAS and SAN servers are:

  • Logical Failure - configuration problems, accidental deletions and human error.
  • Failed Back Up - No back up available or your back up has failed to restore.
  • Physical Drive Failure - due to head crash or other component damage.
  • Inaccessibility - Security or network based failure making the data unavailable for viewing.
  • Natural Disasters - fire, water, flood, explosion, tsunami or earth quake damage.
  • Virus - client or outside host that has unintentionally or intentionally caused a failure or overload on the server making the data corrupt or inaccessible.

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