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Data Recovery from ServersI.Tech specialises in data recovery from servers, including file server data recovery, application server data recovery, web server data recovery, NAS data recovery, SAN data recovery, RAID data recovery, Exchange Server Data Recovery, SQL data recovery and other mission critical data storage applications.

Exchange Server, (Microsoft), is the most popular business solution for sending and receiving e-mail and other forms of interactive communication through the company's networks. When Exchange Server fails, the effect on the company in many cases is catastrophic. Due to businesses reliance on email and electronic communication, failure of MS Exchange Server can mean that there is no way of sending or receiving emails, scheduled meetings fail to occur and databases are lost. You need a professional experienced Exchange Server Data Recovery company to recover and restore corrupt priv files, edb files and pst files. Exchange data recovery is the perfect solution when MS Exchange Server fails.

I.Tech Computers are able to recover data from your MS Exchange Server. Priv.edb and pub.edb files, PST files, and recovering mailboxes are all jobs I.Tech Computers frequently undertake, and have been doing so for years. Having developed our tools and utilities and using highly skilled technicians and programmers, we are able to bring these riles back to life to ensure that you the client are able to bring your communications back on line in the fastest possible timescale.

The Procedure. 
On receipt of the defective device along with the Data Recovery Form duly signed, a Status Report cum Quotation is generated within 4 working hours free of charge, until specified otherwise. We offer three levels of recovery for you to choose from. On receipt of your confirmation Data Recovery procdures begin and data will be available for verification within 12 working hours to 5 working days depending on the level you have chosen. On satisfactory confirmation of the data a proforma invoice is available for your payment procedure. If the data recovered by us is not to your satisfaction you are free to leave the entire recovery without any charges. On receipt of your payment data will be released and a Final invoice / Cash receipt will be given. The defective drive will be retained with us until all recovered data is verified at your end. TDS can be cut and a TDS certificate issued. Data Recovery results depend on the condition of your defective device. Any device collected un-recovered after a quotation will be retaken as a tampered device.

The Charges. 
I.TECH Computers has a NO DATA NO CHARGE policy for un-tampered devices, Tampered devices will be accepted with a non-refundable pre payment service charge of Rs. 3000 and will be reversed with the final bill if the data is recovered successfully. Quotations generated are based on the amount of effort that will go in to recover the data based on the drives response to the recovery process.

The Engagement. 
Customer engages I.TECH Computers (“I.TECH”) to: inspect, evaluate, and identify the  problem  (if not already identified); and/or retrieve, or minimise the damage to, the equipment/data/media; and/or provide other services as may be requested by Customer from time to time. I.TECH Computers is not responsible for any loss/change in the condition of the Data/Device once accepted for recovery and the backup drive will be formated before dumping recovered data. I.TECH Computers will scrap all unclaimed devices witin 30 days of final billing. Collection of any Devices from I.TECH Computers is strictly between 2.30 pm to 6.00 pm and with prior appointment only.

I.TECH will use any information contained in the data, media and/or equipment provided to I.TECH by Customer ("Customer Information") only for the purpose of fulfilling the Engagement, and will otherwise hold such Customer Information in the strictest confidence.  Any Confidential Information disclosed by Customer under this agreement will remain the owner's sole property, and I.TECH shall employ reasonable measures to prevent the unauthorised use of Customer Information, which measures shall not be less than those measures employed by I.TECH in protecting its own confidential information.  I.TECH will not disclose Confidential Information except to employees or consultants reasonably requiring such information (and who have obligations to I.TECH) and not to any other party except as required by law. I.TECH will employ appropriate technical and organisational measures to safeguard any Customer Information, including personal data, and will act only on the instruction of the Customer with respect to such information. 

Customer agrees to pay I.TECH all sums authorised from time to time by Customer, which will typically include charges for I.TECH services, reasonable travel and other expenses for on-site work, shipping and insurance (both ways), and actual expenses, if any, for parts, media, and/or off-the-shelf software used in the Engagement. Unless otherwise agreed to in advance by I.TECH, all such sums are due and payable favoring I.TECH Computers in Cash/Pay Order/Demand Draft only prior to collecting Data. No cheques will be accepted. No Data will be released without full payments even on request.

Any consent required of either party will be effective if provided in a commercially reasonable manner, which includes without limitation, verbal authorisation if followed by written confirmation by I.TECH at the earliest possible opportunity, and/or facsimile.

Time Needed to recover your data.
These are average turnaround times within 12 working hours to 5 working days depending on the level you have chosen.

In some cases of severe hard disk damage or difficulty to locate spare parts, the time needed may be extended. Even though we need to spend more time trying to help you we do not charge any extra for our time. We offer a fixed price and stick to it.

If you want to begin your Emergency Data Recovery? Call any time or day. Our Emergency Response Team is Available 24 Hours/7 Days a week, every single day of the year! Or contact our office during business hours on +912226651205

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